High Octane                                                                 Supporting                               Joseph Manes

Blade                                                                            Supporting                               Stephen Norrington

Blade II                                                                       Supporting                               Guillermo del Torro


General Hospital                                                       Co-star                                     Larry Carpenter

General Hospital                                                       Co-star                                     Penny Pengra

The Witness                                                                 Co-star                                     Pilot presentation

Days of Our Lives                                                       Co-star                                     Joseph Baher

Journey of the Heart                                                 Co-star                                     Karen Arthur

Weekly World News                                                     Co-star                                     Fox

Girls Next Door “…Something About Mary”           Self                                           Kevin Burns

Girls Next Door “The 21 Club”                                 Self                                           Kevin Burns

New Media

Only Kids See Ghosts                                                  Lead                                         Anthony Alyassi

Make the Call                                                              Lead                                         Eris Zhao

Mix                                                                               Co-star                                     David Ghilardi

Cigarettes Kill                                                          Guest Star                                Joel Marsh

Bluffing                                                                      Co-star                                     Tehan Shohet


The Foreigner                                                             Townsman/Klansman               Crown City Theatre

Hound of the Baskervilles                                        Doctor Mortimer                     LB Shakespeare Co.

Some Assembly Required                                            Improv Ensemble                     St. Mark's Theatre

Gotham City Improv                                                    Improv Ensemble                     Groundlings East

The Rocky Horror Picture Show                               Eddie/Dr. Scott                      Exeter St. Theatre


Conflicts upon request

Special Talents/Additional Skills

Former New York State Emergency Medical Technician, former Boston, MA Special Police Officer, extensive security and executive protection training and experience, certified CPR/AED Instructor, Seido karate, second unit: stand-in and body double, firearms, motorcycles, basic American Sign Language (ASL), native Bostonian, extensive improv and stand-up comedy, valid passport

 Professional Training

Acting:                                    John Swanbeck: Acting for the Camera
                                                 AFI:  Screen Actors Guild Conservatory
                                                 Madonna Young (LA); Thelma Carter (NYC)                                                                                                  

                                                 American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AOS)                           

Commercials:                          Porter Kelly; Fawnda McMahon

Improv/Stand-up:                  Some Assembly Required; Gotham City Improv (formerly Groundlings East)/Flappers